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September 8, 2009

Plum Tots Organics- Snackable Goodness

If you are like me you are constantly looking for new, fun snacks for your kids. Snacks that keep your kids happy and keep you happy as well. Plum Tots is exactly that. For baby's,toddlers and big kids the entire Plum Tots line consists of wholesome flavors like banana, strawberry, apple, berry and many other flavorful combinations full of fruits and vegetables. Spread out in the forms of Fingerfuls, Fiddlesticks and mish mash fruit purees your kids will just love it.

Plum Tots is also always certified organic, nutrient rich, contains no high fructose corn syrup, no trans fats, no artificial ingredients
all wrapped in BPA-free packaging, which is the part that I love. They taste great too.

The gluten free Fiddlesticks are a wonderful no mess snack stick. Little hands can grab them easily and your child will never know that they are eating baked in fruits and veggies with flavors like apple carrot. My daughter absolutely loved the mish mash organic fruit puree with no added sugar. The easy twist-off cap and squeezable pouch is also resealable and no mess. It fits nicely into a purse or diaper bag and is a great way to give a snack on the go. The Fruity Fingerfuls were also a big hit. Freeze-dried fruit and grain bites are a good tasting, balanced snack. It works well for lunchboxes, car rides and just sitting at the kitchen table.

Each Plum Tots snack went over incredibly well in our house. I thought they tasted good and so did my three year-old daughter. I was happy to see that they are available in my local grocery store as well as at, where I do a lot of my shopping. Super Target, Babies R Us and Whole Foods also carries the line. Plum Tots has other items for babys and kids. Items such as portable pouches and flash-frozen fresh baby food and DHA-filled Kids Meals.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.