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August 24, 2009

Relastin Ultra Emollient Cream

"Relastin, a leader in the anti-aging skincare industry, offers a caffeine-rich product that can also smooth and repair skin. The Relastin Ultra Emollient is a multi-tasking moisturizer that combines the dramatic results of Relastin’s signature Zinc Firming Complex™ with nourishing hydration and powerful vitamins and extracts – delivering 360 degree skin rejuvenation. "
Up front I am going to tell you that I did not use this skin cream in the usual sense. I've been testing a lot of skincare products lately and my face needed a break. I decided to try the Relastin ($99) on my chest instead. I figured that if it worked firming up another portion of my body then I would use it on my face later. Guess what? My face is now awaiting the use of this cream.
I noticed results the first week I used the Relastin. This creamy, ultra rich formula goes on easily and absorbs quickly into your skin. It is smooth and leaves no residue or odor. While it claims to reduce the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles I cannot attest for that. Maybe when I'm older I will. It did however make my skin incredibly soft and yes, firm. I was surprised and quickly began using it on my post-baby stomach as well. It firmed that area up too. I am not saying that it looks as good as new but it is improved. After a weeks worth of use I noticed a definite difference.
The caffeine and Zinc Firming Complex in the Relastin Ultra Emollient is what does the trick. It encourages collagen production, elasticity and revitalization. The Vitamin C brightens your skin tone while the Vitamin A reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I'm eager to begin using this on my face now and including my eyes. If it worked on my chest and has to work on my face!
Relastin Ultra Emollient is available on the Relastin website and