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August 26, 2009

Back to School the Eco-Way with Target

It's that time of year again. Time to head to your local big box store and stock up on school supplies. There are things you should know before you grab your car keys and shove the kids in the car. Luckily, Target has some great ideas and items to help you and your wallet out this season.

1. Don't buy more than you need. Check out what you already have in your house. You might be surprised how many items you still have from previous years.

2. Get your kids list of "need" items from their school and go over it before you leave the house. Your local Target can also help you out. Stores now have your school's list online and even in their in-store kiosks. This is a great way to keep you focused on what you need, assist you in dividing up items with other parents or members of your household too. Saves you time and money all around.

3. Just because you need to save money and time doesn't mean you can't go green this year. Here are some great offerings for students of all ages.

Ecogear Backpack for Kids ($29.99)- Made from Organic cotton the Ecozoo backpacks come in four styles- puppy, pig, panda and elephant. These bags are great for everyday use and the compartments are all made from recycled plastic.

Aluminum Water Bottles ($12.99)- These Gaiam water bottles will eliminate the need to buy costly plastic bottled water and come with a handy clip for attaching to backpacks, which saves space. Coming in a variety of colors and designs everyone in your household can find one they like.

Chips Ahoy Pencil Case- ($1.00) Terracycle pencil case made out of Chips Ahoy packaging keeps all your pens and pencil safe.

Capri Sun Tote Bag ($9.99) Made entirely from recycled Capri Sun juice pouches this tote bag is works beautifully as a carry all for school supplies and more.

And More....

Target is also featuring back-to-school items from famous designers such as Shaun White, Dror and Simone Legno.

From eco-friendly bedding (think bamboo and organic cotton) to clothing that is on the very tip of the trends to multi-functional, aesthetically pleasing items for the dorm room and home you can find it this Fall at Target.