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August 3, 2009

Raising Girls- The Complete Idiot's Guide

When I realized I would be the mother to two girls I was excited about it but also a bit worried. The sense of responsibility weighed on me. How in this crazy, mixed up world would I raise two confident girls into women?
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raising Girls ($14.95) by Dr. Gary J. Weisenberger, Kathy Sherwin and Deborah Romaine is full of real life advice for parents raising girls. It has a section for everything from birth to womanhood. While I'm a big believer in parenting on instinct I did find this book incredibly helpful.
The book is broken down into four sections. Each section deals with different aspects of a girls life from infant to adult. It's not just for mothers either but for both parents. I loved that as it put the weight of parenting on both parents and spoke to each in a different way. My husband has already admitted to needing to, "read this book." Punctuated throughout each chapter are anecdotes, bits of humor and good solid, common sense advice. Let's face it though, even the smartest of us sometimes forgets these things or is in a conundrum on how to face a parenting challenge. 'Raising Girls' deals with each problem with finesse and simple to understand answers. I found that I could easily flip through the book by section and find the problem I was dealing with and help me prepare for the future. From bully's in school to having the s-e-x talk it is all there with loads more.
Raising a girl in today's world is not an easy task. They are inundated from all sides with information from the good to the bad to the ugly. It's not the same world that we were raised in either. Their possibilities are endless and that can be terrifically overwhelming. 'Raising Girls' assists parents with these very same issues in a clear, insightful way. I highly recommend this book.
MPR Rating: Five Stars.