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June 12, 2009

All-in-One Gadget for Dad by SanDisk

SanDisk's largest mobile phone memory card has a 16GB MicroSDHC and M2 might just be the perfect gift for the Dad in your life this Father's Day. This tiny (fingernail-sized) memory card has amazing storage capabilities from 2GB to 16GB meaning your Dad can store thousands of pictures, videos and even his music collection. This means lots of high resolution pictures. Photos and videos can be transferred to a PC with ease. It can also be used in many cell phones that contains a microSD slot. You can even simply drag and drop music from your computer to the card.

The SanDisk Memory card makes it possible for the kids to create something really special for Dad this Father's Day and enable him to take memories with him where ever he goes. Not only that but it is part of SanDisk's 'Wake Up Your Phone' initiative. 'Wake Up Your Phone' is SanDisk's way of helping its consumers learn about using their memory cards. Prices range from $10-100 depending on the capacity.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.