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April 17, 2009

The Mighty Queens of Freeville by Amy Dickinson

A Mother, a Daughter, and the Town That Raised Them.
Amy Dickinson of "Ask Amy" and a weekly NPR show host has written her memoir ($22.99) about her life as a single parent and a woman who discovers that she finds her place in this world by going continuously going back home, the last place she thought she would find the answers she needed.
The Mighty Queens of Freeville is a charming, poignant story that will keep you engrossed. It's a quick read and one that is wonderfully written. Once I started this book I found I could not put it down. I felt like I was right there with Amy as she cried in her London bathtub after her ex-husband left her. I felt her loneliness as she came back to the States as a single parent with her young daughter. Despite not having these experiences myself Dickinson writes her story in a heartfelt, funny way that draws you in and has you rooting for her right from the beginning. You want her to continue going back to Freeville just so you can hear the stories of her family's long line of "dorkitude" and so much more.
From Hyperion Books-
They have lived in London, D.C., and Chicago, but all roads lead them back to Amy’s hometown of Freeville (pop. 458), a tiny village where Amy’s family has tilled and cultivated the land, tended chickens and Holsteins, and built houses and backyard sheds for more than 200 years. Most important, though, her family members all still live within a ten-house radius of each other. With kindness and razor-sharp wit, they welcome Amy and her daughter back weekend after weekend, summer after summer, offering a moving testament to the many women who have led small lives of great consequence in a tiny place.

The Mighty Queens of Freeville is a great read that will touch your heart. I highly recommend checking it out today!

MPR Rating: Five Stars.