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March 13, 2009

PBN- Sylvania PalPODzzz Nightlights

ThePalPODzzz™ Portable Nightlight Ladybug ($19.99)is a functional LED nightlights The soft ambient light glows all night without the need for batteries and the flashlight (the ladybug) is removable which is wonderful for little kids nighttime games, reading, or if there is a power failure. This portable nightlight also has 3 Functions in 1:

LED Emergency Back Up Light during power outages
Rechargeable LED Flashlight
LED Nightlight

The PalPODzzz comes in two non-gender specific designs - rocket ship and lady bug. My three year-old daughter took an immediate liking to the ladybug. It not only looks ridiculously adorable sitting on her nightstand but she loves to snuggle it in bed each night. We had put your standard white hooded nightlight in her room before and she asked us to remove it. We have given her glowing nightlights for kids as well. After a few days she wanted it banished. Not so with the Sylvania PalPODzzz nightlight!

This little ladybug travels all over the house too. Recently she wanted to bring a deck chair up from the basement onto our unseasonably warm deck. She told my husband, "Wait! It's dark in the basement. I'll just get my ladybug and find my chair. You stay here. I can do myself!" With those words she was off and did indeed use her PalPODzzz ladybug to help her find her deck chair. It is as if that little ladybug has made her fearless. It is not just a nightlight but a great little flashlight too. It fits perfectly in a child's hand and the 'on' switch for the flashlight won't be hard for small hands to turn on. During the day she lets her ladybug sleep on it's little leaf or "pod" but at night it snuggles in under her covers right along with her stuffed rabbit and pink security blanket. She has even used it to find her way to our room in the middle of the night. I can attest that the head on that bug lights up quite bright!

I like that this is considered a green product, doesn't use a lot of energy and it is not expensive. It makes a great gift for a wide range of children too. It has brought a lot of peace of mind to our little girl who seems to think that her ladybug is also a new friend and protector. That is worth way more than $19.99 to me!

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