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March 16, 2009

Fit, Flatter and Fashion: Jag Jeans

Stylish jeans that are also comfortable? You bet! Jag Jeans has been creating great style since the 1970s while always keeping one rule in mind: every woman, every size, every shape. They will fit, flatter, and make you feel good each time you put them on. The Jag jean fabric has just the right amount of stretch for a perfect fit that also adds comfort. The waistband even has some stretch, which makes Jag Jeans unique.

I received my Jag Jeans in the Foster fit which is a mid-rise boot cut in a very dark wash. Think almost black. I slipped them on about two months post-baby and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were a bit big. Jag Jeans run a bit larger than the normal size but who doesn't want to wear a slightly smaller size? I found the Foster fit to be comfortable with its additional stretch and even after washing and drying them they didn't feel too snug. They also did not wear out or become too stretched out after a few repeated wears. They retained their shape nicely and were not so long in the leg that I had to have them altered. Lately, I've noticed that despite being 5'6" I often find that my jeans are way too long and I have to take them to a seamstress to be shortened. Jag Jeans don't have a designer price tag either. While they do price above say, Target priced jeans they are competitive with most department stores and under $100.

Jag Jeans can be found at Nordstrom, Zappos, and other find stores.

MPR Rating: Three Stars