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January 5, 2009

Fun Find- KidSafe

Are you all about baby proofing your home right now or need some good advice on how to childproof your home in the best possible way? Then head to KidSafe for all your baby/child proofing needs!

KidSafe has the largest online selection of baby proofing items as well as a lot of good, solid advice and tips. There is even a section on poisonous plants, how to prevent window falls and a guide to finding the right baby gate. If you are looking for a product from a specific company like Evenflo or Gerber or just need cabinet locks or corner cushions then you have found the best place at KidSafe.

Everything is broken down into sensible categories from gates to balcony safety and there is even a customer review section. Check out KidSafe for the most child safety information found online.