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January 12, 2009

Balance Water for Children

100% natural, organic and enhanced with natural flower essences, Balance Water for Children, proclaims it will help calm and focus your child. Infused with Bush Fuchsia for creativity, Crowea for calming and centering, Paw-Paw for aid in digestion and Black-Eyed Susan for focus and concentration the folks at Balance Water asked me to review the children's version on my very active three year old.

All of the Balance Water types (there are three other types: for the mind, women and traveling) contains no preservatives, artificial additives, calories and is simply enhanced spring water. The water typically comes from local US sources too despite it being an Australian company. Before I allowed my daughter to try the water I had a few sips of it and was surprised that it has absolutely no flavor. Each time I took a sip I expected a slight hint of something flowery or mildly sweet but true to the label that is not the case. It's just water, plain and simple. My daughter on the other hand was ecstatic that this adult-sized water bottle with the pretty colors and animals on the label was just for her. She wanted it all the time! I was happy to dole it out too since water in her regular cups usually sits so long I half expect tadpoles to spring up.

What I liked about Balance Water for Children (13.5 oz per bottle) is that it got my child excited about drinking water. Since then she is eager to drink it from a cup or from a water bottle which we never had before. It made her feel special and excited. Whether or not it calmed her down and made her focus I'm not sure. She certainly focused on water but that was about it. I applaud the Balance company for reducing their carbon footprint by keeping the water supply US local. It reduces shipping and in turn pollution. There is also limited home delivery which is a great idea.

Balance Water can be purchased in Australia or at Whole Foods in various locations throughout the US.