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December 5, 2008

PBN- Positive Spin Books for Kids

If you have been looking for a way to positively explain holidays to your kids then you have struck the motherload with Positive Spin Press books written by Lisa Sferlazza Johnson and illustrated by Tucker Johnson. Each of the their three books, 'All Hallows Eve, The Story of the Halloween Fairy', 'Winter's Eve Love and Lights' and 'Christmas Eve The Joy of Giving' teach children about doing things for others while revealing the origins of each special day and all accompanied by bright and imaginative illustrations. The fact that the author and illustrator live in Rhode Island held no sway with me I swear! Though I do love that they come from my home state.

I first read 'All Hallows Eve The Story of the Halloween Fairy' ($15.95) to my daughter right around the big day and found the explanation of how trick or treating began to be a positive, fun-filled story. Eve, a fairy from All Hallows has a birthday and only wants candy for her special day. Except all she can make is toys. No matter how hard Eve tries she can only produce toy candy. Her friends decide to go door to door in All Hallows and ask neighbors for candy as presents to Eve. One fairy, who has no candy, creates a special trick to show Eve. This book is a lot of fun and one I enjoy reading to my child and she loves just as much. It's full of beautiful fall-colored illustrations and possesses only happy and not scary elements on this typically creepy, crawly day.

Christmas Eve The Joy of Giving ($15.95) is another great book by this duo. I particularly loved how the main message isn't about giving or even what you give but how no matter how small your gift is it can bring joy and aid to someone. It teaches children how important it is to focus on the giving rather than the getting during the whole year and not just when Santa (or parents)might be watching.
Winter's Eve Love and Lights, my favorite book in the trio, has Eve learning about all the different ways we celebrate holidays during the month of December. Suffering from a case of the winter blues Eve learns the joys and customs of many holidays like Kwanza, Chinese New Year and Diwali just to name a few, from her friends who have gone to visit family in other parts of the world. She discovers that there is light in each holiday that can warm your heart and sustain you through the winter. It's quite a charming way to introduce and explain other customs and traditions to your child. You might just learn a thing or two as well.
I can't wait to read these books to my kids around each of their designated special day as well as throughout the year. They don't just explain holidays but teach the value of being kind to others, the benefit of having friends and how to work with your community. All incredibly valuable lessons to learn at any age. My eldest child, who is almost three, just loves these books! In fact, while I was writing this review she was a bit upset that I might be keeping the books for myself. I think the set makes a great gift for any kid but each book stands alone as a good gift too. They are definitely worth looking into further.
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