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November 10, 2008

The Cupcake Courier

I am a baker by nature and one of the things I love to bake the most is cupcakes. Each year when I fund raise for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or whenever I make cupcakes for a party I run into the same problem. How do I transport my precious beauties without smudging the frosting and using a variety of containers? Then I discovered the Cupcake Courier ($32.95) and the nice people at the company sent me one to review. All I can say is one thing: FABULOUS!

This device, invented and designed by a SoCal Mom of two, is so simple but revolutionary to us cupcake fiends. I found the plastic shell to be durable and sturdy. It isn't flimsy and has four locks, two on each side of the dome, to close it up airtight. Each of the three trays (that's 36 cupcakes!) is removable too so it is easy to not just load up or stack but also a breeze to clean. The trays fit easily into my dishwasher.


Cover: 14"W; 11"H; 11"D

Base: 12.5"X16"Trays: 13.8"L; 10.4"W; 3.2"H

Cups: 1.1"deep; 3"round

While I am not transporting cupcakes to school yet, I often make them for parties, fundraisers and more. Now I have an easy and safe way to transport them without them getting messed up or sliding around. It's perfect! Even better is that it can be used as a cake courier if you remove the trays. While I already have a domed cake container it doesn't have a handle like the Cupcake Courier and it cannot hold a square or rectangular shaped cake like the Cupcake Courier can.

The Cupcake Courier comes in four stylish shades- Lemon Grass, Petal Pink, Soft Blue Sky and Saffron Yellow. It's a must-have for any baker or cupcake lover and would make an excellent holiday gift. To purchase a Cupcake Courier click here. It is also available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Dillards, HSN and Swoozies and was featured on the Today show.
GIVEAWAY: I'm giving away one Cupcake Courier this week to a lucky reader. All you need to do to be entered to win is read a post from here, let me know which one and comment HERE at MPR with your email address (so I can contact the winner). I'll pick a winner at random on November 15.


Stephanie said...

Do I comment here or Mummy Chronicles to win a cupcake carrier? I read about your pizza allergy this morning. Shouldn't someone be a little more concerned about that happening out of the blue?

Kristie said...

I am always baking cupcakes with the promotion of my new book (main character's name is "Cakes" because of her LOVE of cupcakes). I could really use this carrier as I have been transporting them in cardboard boxes which aren't nearly as cute!!!


Tiffany said...

I've read all of them :-) This cupcake thing looks neat. I have all the cake takers and what not from Tupperware, but they don't really have a good cupcake toter. This would be pretty cool.

Jen said...

I read your posts from the past week (was out of town w/o internet access) so had to catch up.

How to beg your midwife for an induction - I remember my midwife let me schedule an induction at least 10 days before my due date (maybe b/c it was #3?). I'd ask again especially since you're not feeling well.

Glad that you got paid too for your work.

ourdailybigtop (at) gmail (dot) com

jodifur said...

I read about your weird pizza allergy. Could it have been the tomato sauce?

I'd love the cupcake courier!

Courtney said...

okay, so I read the 101 on emotions which was pretty funny. I tend to agree with you on the anger one - I would be pretty upset if those clowns showed up on my favorite show (pushing daisies). however, not 100% in agreement with the obama being the next reagan, but we will see :)

now for the giveaway - love it. thanks so much!

Nette @ Smiling MOm said...

Hi V,
I read Basic Emotions 101... the thing about Deanna and the snowboarder... I saw that coming from long ago, but I have to say that I agree with you, it's still sad.

I'm a HUGE cupcake fan. I make them every chance I get. I've ended up buying large disposable tin pans where I put the cupcakes to transport. This case would be a Godsend!
(Without spaces)
n j k donohue @ gmail . com

Lauren said...

Not sure if my last comment went through--got some Blogger error message. So just in case, I'm reposted.

You know I read *all* your posts at the Mummy Chronicles!

This cupcake thing sounds awesome!

xiaolinmama said...

I LOVE Cupcakes! seriously!
I NEED one of these things... A due date already - wow that has been quick. I am guessin' not from you:( Hang in there...I'd love to do a guest post if you need someone ocassionally:)

svtwinmom said...

I almost had a disaster last year transporting 3 dozen homemade cupcakes from my home to the birthday venue. I so need a cupcake carrier!

Feener said...

WTF Monday - yes that story bout the lady living with skeletons - fing strange, could be a good BONES episode.

gary busey - NUT JOB !!!

would love to win.

Selfish Mom said...

I read A Public Service Message from the Tiny Dictator - adorable!

I would love to win this, since I bake all the time for every party and fund raiser that comes my way. But even if I win one, I'll have to buy another one. The thought of being able to carry 72 cupcakes at once is making me giddy in a way it shouldn't.

Jenn said...

First, off I am shocked. I just read your emotions post and I have an emotion shocked! I can't believe Deanna and Jess have split!! While I was puzzled when she picked him, I thought "hey maybe opposites due attract." Jess must be crushed -- talk about a guy head over heels. Have to tell all my Bachelor watching friends. Have you heard anything about the next season? Also I share your love of "How I Met Your Mother" but come on the show is truly funny without all the guest stars (if you want to call Speidi stars). As for the cupcake carrier, my mom makes cupcakes for my son each month on the date (27) he was born to celebrate his "month bday". She would adore this!

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

Sorry to hear about the pizza! Did you use whole grain dough? I hope you figure it out soon.

mary said...

At 30 weeks pregnant I have a penchant for making baked goods that I know I can't eat. This little cupcake thingy would have come in handy for those two dozen cupcakes I made last week and then individually wrapped and froze to be discovered at a later date. Maybe I would have transported them somewhere instead. :) Won't it be great when we can eat pizza and other foods like normal people? ;) Just a couple more weeks for you!...and you can have a beer with your pizza too.

LadyAsh said...

OMG that carrier is the best thing. I love the colors and anything that is structured that would help carry cupcakes on metro (gasp I mentioned it on a Monday no less). Oohh ooohhh pick me!!!!

Side note - you know you secretly love Gary Busey - you just want to get up and sing a song from Grease when you see him (har har har)!

WkSocMom said...

I always love to read your posts, your poor swollen lips. Hope that doesn't happen again, you seem to have enough to worry about. I would love this, I'm a total spaz when it comes to transporting cupcakes, always messing them up.

Anonymous said...

Now, the cupcake courier would've rocked at my son's birthday party 2 weeks ago. I carried them outside to serve on a plate was the biggest tray/platter I had. Thank goodness I didn't have to DRIVE anywhere with them...what would I have done, then?

I just read your WTF Monday. I can totally relate to the seemingly endless stages of prego (my son was born at 42 weeks). I hope you get a realistic due date!

Jessica McFadden said...

Although I love stories of hoarders and Grey Gardens-esque weird stuff, the lady who was keeping her dead sibs around royally creeped me out.

Love all things cupcake!

Gayle said...

As you know, I was a big Deanna and Jesse fan on The Bachelorette, so I too was bummed that they broke up. What an awful track record that show has. Are you going to watch Jason on The Bachelor?

Oh, and I'd LOVE to win this - I make cupcakes all the time with the girls and can never transport them properly.


carma said...

I'm still recovering from the sight of those floral leggings. Yikes!! Please sign me up for the cupcake carrier contest. Thanks.
carmasez (at) bellsouth (dot) net

Melissa (AKA Mary Poppins) said...

New to the blog, stumbled across the Mummy Chronicles and then over here. :)

Loved WTF Monday! I delivered my son at 42 weeks- and 10lbs 2oz. Hope you get an induction date soon!