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September 3, 2008

Jooners! Planning for Everyone!

Jooners, it's the newest in 'Click & Go' planners and it is incredibly easy to use. I rely heavily on my paper calender for family stuff and my day planner book for work items, but I often miss the electronic planner I had when I was working outside the home. The one that effortlessly holds it all together and clearly shows times and dates and when things need to be done. The problem with those was that you couldn't see what anyone else needed to do. That is not the case with Jooners.
Jooners coordinates all the tasks that need to be completed for that carpool, after school activity, PTA meeting, book fair or whatever you may have going on in your life beyond the kids (think girls nights, parties, etc). It makes it easy to send out a list of what needs to be done to everyone involved. Your email contacts are uploaded lightening fast and you can see who is doing what and when. No more numerous emails and confusion when planning snack duty or a progressive dinner. That elimination of confusion is what I love most about Jooners.
The second thing I love about Jooners is that they are not even close to being finished. Sure, you can create lists (I used it for my weekend 'honey-do' list recently), use their Popular Planners, or sync up for events, but even more is on the way! Soon you will be able to help with family packing for trips by using Jooners, create invitations and so much more. Did I mention that all this is free as well? Yes, it's true.
So while I'm probably months away from actually volunteering for any preschool classroom duty for my child I have already found ways to use Jooners in my everyday life. It helps that I can be a bit of a list maven too. Want more proof? Watch this very helpful how-to video here.
To learn more about Jooners or to sign up for free, visit here and here. You can also find great tips, tricks and advice on the Jooners blog. ENJOY and SIGN UP TODAY!
*See what Tech Savvy Mama had to say about Jooners.


Anonymous said...

Well, WOW! Really.

I have two children, one in pre-school and one in elementary school.

In my cooperative pre-school we are always coordinating when to volunteer for time slots. This will make it very easy and efficient. And I won't have to hang around at the door with a paper sign-up sheet and do the pencil-calendar-sign-up juggle. Whew!

In my older son's elementary school I have already volunteered to be the room parent. Already several other parents have told me they work and want jobs to do at night. They NEVER hang around the door doing the juggle I just described. Jooners seems like a great way to reach them - because it's electronic and they can volunteer from work, home or on-the-go from their cell phone.

This looks really cool! Great post.

Sasha Devon
Alexandria, VA

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Thanks for the link love! :)

Margaret1101 said...

Now that Jooners is charging a fee to use their service, are you still using Jooners? If not, have you switched to a different scheduling website? I am looking for a site to schedule lunch volunteers for a children's school.

Thank you

Sue C said...

Jooners is a nice idea, but technically it is not very good. Sometimes the sign-up sheets take 10-15 seconds to load, with no "in progress" indicator. Volunteers get frustrated and shut it down. Also, if a person changes their commitment, Jooners doesn't clear all the fields, it leaves junk out there, which is confusing. I think they have something good here, but it definitely needs tweaking to be more robust. Faster servers..... etc. I won't renew my $19.99 annual membership.