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July 16, 2008

Prestone Presents- Get Road Ready!

If you are planning a summer road trip be it alone, with friends or with family you might want to check out Prestone's latest tips and advice on their website, Get Road Ready. Complete with a helpful video, from Ask Patty its an all around great resource for families. The website is loaded with driving directions, points of interest, car maintenance tips, gas savings advice and even games! Think printable pages with Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, and State Capital game.

The video portion of the website features Brandy Schaffels – car gal, mother of two and writer/blogger for AskPatty. Take advantage of some of the tips she has to offer, as she is a wonderful source of information. The website itself assists you with figuring out where to go. Pick a destination online and the site will not only give you directions but helpful pointers on how to give your car a little TLC before getting on the road. I found the checklist to getting road ready very helpful.

What's more Prestone is offering up some offers on handy little road trip necessities like fuel additive, a seat belt light, Blink smudge wipes, Bug Wash windshield washer fluid and more. I reviewed a few of these items on a recent family road trip up to the great land of New England and here is what I found.

The Autolite spotglo seat belt lite possesses two power levels and 4 super bright LED's to light up your little section of the car at night. It's perfect for reading in the dark when others are sleeping nearby and/or you don't want to distract the driver. On high this little lite works for up to ten hours and on the low setting it is even longer clocking in around 25 hours! I found that since the light is clipped right onto the seat belt the light is directed only in your small area. There is no glare on the windows either. It is incredibly handy!

We all know that the car can get pretty messy, OK downright dirty, when you add kids into the mix. Enter Blink Smudge cleaners. This pack of 2 in 1 wipes works wonderfully on getting smudges on glass or anywhere else in the car out fast. It removes all those sticky little fingerprints right quick earning it a gold star in my book. Just spray the light citrus scented spray and wipe with no streaks! Really. I am quite impressed with this product and keep it in my car at all times now. It's a must have for road trips and every day car messes.

Part of the fuel additives line by Prestone, the Fuel Injector cleaner is a great way to increase fuel economy, power and performance in your car. While I cannot totally attest to how it worked my husband claims it does. This super-concentrated formula eliminates fuel deposits and reduces valve intake deposits which reduces waste and emissions. Sounds great, no? It would seem to be a surefire little weapon of choice to have in your car before you head out on a long haul and with gas prices going for close to $5 a gallon right now why not get all the help you can.

I'm giving away a set of all three of these fine products to one lucky reader. All you have to do is comment on this post with your email contact info. PLEASE DON'T FORGET THAT. Do this by July 20, 2008 and a winner will be picked at random. Drive Safe!

Congratulations to Beth! She's the winner of the Prestone Package!


beth impson said...

Hey! the wipes sound like a great product for my very smudged and fingerprinted car!Beth