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July 28, 2008

Preserve Triple Razors

From Recycline comes the Preserve Razor Triple an environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable razor. The triple blade offers a close, comfortable shave and a handle (patent pending) made from recycled materials.

Preserve combines two key items in this one handy product. First, I loved that it is environmentally-friendly with a 100% recyclable handle made from at least 60% recycled Stonyfield yogurt cups but the one piece handle offers not just comfort when shaving but less manufacturing time when being made. The handle is ergonomic for added control too. While it does not have, the added gel strip or lotion that some disposable razors possess the Preserve Razor Triple offers a close shave no matter what are you use it on and its lightweight making it perfect for traveling.

The Razor Triple also comes in a 100% recycled plastic case that enables you to add in extra cartridges, it comes standard with two, adding to its ability to travel and pack easily. I used it recently on a few trips and found that the case kept the Triple from nicking my other toiletries but also from dulling the blade. There were not any clunky pieces to keep track of or a heavy case.

At $7.49 for one Preserve Razor handle and two blade cartridges, you have quite the deal. I found it worked better than the store brand razors, lasting longer without dulling and shaved just as effectively. The added bonus is that at the end of its use both the case and handle can be recycled. If you do not have the ability to recycle in your area Recycline has a postage-paid mail-back program for customers to utilize.

Preserve also offers a variety of adult and junior (kids) toothbrushes all made from Stonyfield yogurt cups too. After testing them out the whole family has converted to the Preserve line. The children’s brushes come in a variety of fun colors and the bristles are soft enough for even the most delicate toddler mouth.