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June 4, 2008


Don't even tell me what you are thinking when you read that title. A WedgEZ is a simple little plastic tool that removes outlet plugs. You know, those child-proof plugs we stick in outlets that become parent-proof as well? The WedgEZ easily wedges itself behind the plug and pops that sucker right out. No more broken nails or using words in front of the kids that you shouldn't as you try to actually use an outlet in your home!

What's more the WedgEZ does not damage walls or outlets as you pull the plugs free. No marks, no muss, no fuss! I know it has made life around our house easier and a bit saner now that I'm not wrestling with those annoying plastic plugs and ruining a fine manicure.

You can purchase WedgEZ for $3.99 or 3 for $9.99 online or by mail. The website has all the information you need. Designed by two parents the WedgEZ makes a great gift for new parents, a wonderful addition to your own aresnal of child-proof/parent-proof items and an all around high quality product. Check it out today!