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June 20, 2008

Fun Find- Hot Peas N Butter-

The 'Pod Squad' volume four brings you a wonderful new kids CD filled with songs by various artists your kids will love! To me, some of the songs begin to sound the same. To my daughter this CD gives her a chance to shake it and groove all over the house. She likes the 'Aacchoo' song the best.

This unique kids group founded by Danny Lapidus and Francisco Cotto in 2000 aims to reach kids and teach them a thing or two through the use of music. These two feel that you shouldn't dumb down the sound just because it is aimed at a group of kids either. Featured on Sirius radio and NOGGIN Hot Peas 'n' Butter is professional quality music done with creativity and bilingual flair.

For more information and purchasing information visit them here.


Jessica McFadden said...

Hey there - Since Hot Peas N Butter are playing at Strathmore on Wednesday, this is a very timely post from a local angle. SOOO perfect that I'm linking to you tomorrow on APISS.

xoxo Jess