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June 9, 2008

Brothers All-Natural

Seeing as it is bathing suit season many of us are trying to cut out fats. Yet, now more than ever we are needing some tasty snacks to take with us on road trips, boating, on picnics, to the pool or beach and all those other fun summer time excursions. Brothers All-Natural Crisps are just the thing! Each bag contains either a 1/2 or 1/3 cup serving of delicious fruit or potato crisps just waiting for you to devour! They are all-natural, 100% FAT FREE with no artificial colors, added sugar or flavors. It is simply a very healthy but tasty treat always served in handy single serving sizes. We tried four types in our house and here is how it went down.

Fuji Apple Crisps- These were by far the family favorite. I actually had to fight my toddler for them. She wanted to devour the entire pack and so did I. These crisps tasted fresh and as if the apple had been picked at just the point of perfection. I found them to be a great easy snack for the car and to store in my purse or diaper bag.

Peach Crisps- These were also very popular. They melt in your mouth leaving a fresh off the tree peach taste in your mouth. No cloying sweetness just solid goodness. We ate this bag so fast and were disappointed when it was done. I love how good they are for you and that each bag is only one serving.

Fresh Onion & Garlic Potato Crisps- Quite possibly the most innovative potato chip around these super crunchy potato chips/crisps are very light on flavor and calories. They are 100% fat free and offer just enough flavor to satisfy your need for a salty snack without the guilt or chemicals that often come with fat-free items. There is no powdery flavoring on the chip either so no messy residue or strange after-taste. While these were not as big a hit as the fruit crisps they are a healthy snack and the adults in the house liked them almost as much. There is also no oil and these babies are only 45 calories per serving.

Black Pepper and Sea Salt- I heard these were good. I can't vouch for them though. My husband and child ate them before I could attack the bag. They proclaimed them quite a treat and wanted to know if they could have more. Sadly, we were out. These freeze-dried chips are full of flavor and all the nutrition you normally find in a potato.

You can order them by the case or half case here and here. There are always monthly specials on the company's website. The flavors for both the fruit and potato crisps are bountiful. I'm dying to try the strawberry, pineapple, pear and more.

Helene of Props & Pans also did a great comprehensive review here.