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May 7, 2008

Lend A Hand Soap by Mario Russo

Lightly scented in chamomile and olive oil, Mario Russo's Lend a Hand Soap ($15.50) is gentle and effective. Coming in at 8 fluid ounces in a handy pump bottle this soap is unique looking. It is not quite pink but also almost a light brown color. When it pumps out though it is clear, lathers easily and rinses well. It definetly is gentle too because it doesn't dry out my hands no matter how often I use it through out the day. It is a nice hand soap to have by a bathroom or kitchen sink.

Having grown up in Italy and seeing his grandmother use olive oil in a variety of ways from skin ailments to cure-alls Russo decided to develop a line of products based around this skin softening olive for his salons. Having only used the Lend A Hand soap I cannot say how the other products work, but the hand soap does what is is supposed to, which is clean your hands. It did not wow me, but I did like how it was not overly scented and light in texture. It really does feel gentle and goes with the Lend a Hand lotion. While it looks like a green product, it is not one which disappointed me.

Lend a Hand hand soap comes in 8 oz and 2 oz sizes. A portion of the proceeds goes to charity though which one I not sure of as the bottle and the website do not say.