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March 17, 2008

PakNaks-Imaginative, Squishy Fun!

PakNak. PakNak. PakNak. Say it a lot! It’s fun. They are fun! OK, so what is a PakNak? They are cute, colorful artwork that is interchangeable, fun, and personalized. PakNaks turn plain, ordinary backpacks and bags into works of art.

Created by two moms and more these 3D Naks ($3.99) are weatherproof, flexible, self-adhesive, easy to use and really spark a kid’s imagination. Geared for kids ages four and up Naks are the ultimate and latest in personalized accessories. Each Nak comes complete with a name and trading card. Isaac, the turtle, scored big in my house. He likes pole vaulting and his best friend is Ted the Head. The strong Velcro backing makes it easy to change your Nak whenever the mood strikes you. You can trade them, give them as gifts or in goodie bags or keep them all to yourself. There are over thirty types to choose.

When I first took the Naks out of the package, my daughter’s eyes lit up and she immediately had to inspect them and get a closer look. We looked over the trading cards, peeled off the backings and began to stick the likes of Pax, Martin and Sprinkles all over her various bags. I think she likes how easy it is to switch the Naks around and put new designs on her bags the most. The squishiness of the Naks is a big draw for her too. These soft, rubbery Naks come in so many varieties that any kid will love them and they would make great party favors. There are sports oriented ones, critters and crawlies and so many more. The Yummies for Tummies are especially cute. Naks are also great for making hats more fun, spicing up those drab car seat straps and are really just an incredibly cool idea. Your kid will love creating new looks with their Naks.

To order PakNaks visit the website today! Two lucky MPR readers will win a set of five PakNaks! The first two people to email me (veamason AT gmail DOT com) with the answer to the question below win! As an added bonus, PakNaks is giving all MPR readers 10% off their orders from now until April 17. Just click here!

*Question: Who is Robert's best friend?


Smiling Mom said...

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Very cute.

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