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February 6, 2008

Shakin' What Your Momma Gave You- It's Baby Loves Disco

I can only handle so much of the playground routine. I abhor those "fun palaces" with giant mice and chotchkies hanging from every wall. Even as a kid myself, this was not my scene. However, I do like to dance and I love me some disco. Anyone who was at my wedding or a birthday party of mine in the past ten years can attest to that. My iPod is loaded with the classic hits of Donna Summer, K.C. & the Sunshine Band and others. I just cannot seem to get enough. When I heard that Baby Loves Disco was coming to my area, finally, I could not have been more excited. Finally, both my child and I could enjoy a venue!

From the moment we walked past the velvet ropes lining the sidewalk outside the Rock & Roll Hotel my daughter was enchanted. She could not wait to hit the dance floor. She pulled on our arms and begged us to just get on with the coat check and head inside. Once inside my husband and I were both amazed at how the club had transformed. The stage was lit up and covered with puzzle mats, hula-hoops and other assorted toys to play with. It was a great place to stay in the action and let the kids play if they wanted a break from dancing. The clubs long mirrors on the walls were great for those children who wanted to see themselves dancing around. My daughter grabbed egg shakers and colored scarves from bins and twirled under the swirling colored lights and bubbles cascading from the ceiling. Disco tunes played continuously through it all with a little bit of freeze dancing thrown in to every child and parents delight.

Upstairs a different vibe prevailed. The disco played on but at a much lower volume and sunlight lit the rooms. In the main area small tables with snacks for the kids sat next to a larger table of food for everyone. From popcorn and pretzels to veggie trays and cheeses there was plenty of food to go around. The bar was stocked with organic juices for the kids and a stronger drink could be had for the parents if they wanted. There were chill rooms with changing stations on the sides. A room set up with rugs for tiny tots to crawl on or to get temporary tattoos. DC Mom was there handing out animal stickers and helping. Off to another side, vendors from Right Start, Apple Seed and Abby’s Lane showed some of their wares and you could enter raffles for some truly fun prizes.

What I love about Baby Loves Disco is that it works for both kids (ages 0-7) and parents. Partners Heather and Andy have done a truly wonderful thing here. They have created, all across the country, and afternoon of child and parent fun. By turning clubs into childproof fun zones, they provide safe, healthy, and extremely fun entertainment for the whole family. It challenges the norms of what is considered family fare and I love it for that. DC host, Susannah Monteith did an impeccable job organizing the event and could be seen buzzing around with her own son throughout the afternoon and always with a big smile on her face. The whole event felt professional but not slick, pre-packaged and overly commercialized which earns it five stars.

Baby Loves Disco is a great way to bond with not only your children but your partner as well. My family left feeling happy and a bit freer. For that, I could not be more excited or grateful. Check out all the Baby Loves Disco locations here.