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February 8, 2008

Farmaesthetics- Sustainable Beauty for You!

Based out of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Farmaesthetics, aims to make you look and feel your best from head to toe naturally. Founder Brenda Brock would not have it any other way. Brock comes from a long line of family farmers. She decided to take this knowledge and create a 100% percent all-natural skincare line that is not just good for you but also for the environment. I love the stuff. The traditional herbal recipes take the best from organic herbs, grains and flowers to make highly effective products.

I was sent two gift sets, the Organic Baby and the New & Nursing Mothers. Both boxes were sent to me in Eco-friendly packaging, which illustrates the company’s continued commitment to the Earth. Each set is chocked full of products that come in beautiful glass bottles (the cobalt blue is very striking) or aluminum containers. It is all quite pleasing to look at. I could not wait to begin trying the items out. Here are some of my top picks from each set.

Organic Baby- This six-piece set ($48.50) is gentle enough for baby’s skin or adults. It is hypoallergenic, contains no dyes, parabens, fillers or talc. The High Cotton Body Dust is very soft and consists of sage, thyme, cornstarch and ground up lavender buds. I love that it not only works well on chafing and diaper rash but it is very safe to use. My daughter is so sensitive and this worked perfectly on her.

I also loved the Nourishing Lavender Milk, which came in both sets. It goes on smooth with a distinctly natural and light lavender scent. There is nothing strong or cloying about this scented lotion. It glides on well and is absorbed quickly. It went nicely with the Herbal Cleanser. I used it on both my daughter and myself every day until we ran out. It worked wonders on her dry patches and my rough winter skin.

Shortly after I received this set, my friend’s son had a rather nasty case of cradle cap and I passed the kits Nettle Remedy Oil on to her. Her son has many allergies but this all-natural formula of steeped herbs and oils worked its magic and in just a few days his dermatitis cleared up better than it had with the prescribed and OTC products she had been using on him. She could not stop raving about it!

The New & Nursing Mothers- I cannot say enough about one product in particular that came in both these sets, the Hand & Heel Salve. My hands have been incredibly dry this winter. My heels are calloused from running and training. I put this salve on them and they just drink it in. It makes my skin glow and keeps them moisturized longer than any product I have tried in the last few months. Previously my fingertips were so dry they stuck to my clothing. The salve fixed this after one application. It lasts a long time too because a little goes a long way. This stuff is magic!

It snowed here one day and I could not resist a brisk walk in the white stuff. When I came indoors frozen and stiff I took a long, hot bath steeped in the Farmaesthetics Solar Salt Mineral Bath. The essential oils worked their aromatherapy wonders on me as the lavender scent soothed my senses. It aids in complexion and relaxation too. I found myself feeling calmer after using this product and I could not wait to use it again.

I tried many products in the Farmaesthetics line and loved each one of them. They really work. I am all for a product being sustainable and a company that tries to do best by the Earth but sometimes the results just are not there. Farmaesthetics is not that type of company. The products work and are so pleasing to use you just want to keep going back for more. Women’s Wear Daily put Farmaesthetics on its 2007“It List” for being “the Green Brands Defining Organic Skincare” and for good reason. For a the full range of products by Farmaesthetics click here.

BONUS: With a Farmaesthetics product order of $75 or more, you will receive FREE S&H, as well as, a complimentary 2 oz glass bottle of our yummy Midnight Honey Bath & Body Oil.

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