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January 21, 2008

Senseo my Coffee Sensei?

I am a coffee freak. I love the taste, the smell, the whole ritual that goes with making a cup or nine of coffee. I also love to buy and grind my own beans. Then Senseo sent me their Coffee Pod System and asked me to share my thoughts. I was skeptical. I mean it is a pod. A pod of coffee. Pods freak me out people. Not many good things happen in pods. However, being a good product reviewer I decided to put aside this pod prejudice and sally forth.

The Senseo kit includes:
1 Coffee Pod System
1 bag of Senseo coffee pods
1 Senseo coffee pod canister

I loaded up my pod canister and broke out the instructions. I like the sleek metal containter that the coffee pods are stored in. It fits well in small spaces in my cabinets and the pods are easy to retrieve. I then, dutifully filled the pod holder with one coffee pod as well as filling the water container. I let the machine run empty before all this too. Which you should always do when you first use your Senseo. Then, I let it rip. Out of the spout (just like an espresso machine) and in about 90 seconds drizzled a stream of hot, fresh coffee. It filled the cup halfway. Hm… I looked. Ooh foam! I added a ton of milk and realized that this Senseo makes an incredible latte or cafe au lait if I do say so myself.

I decided to try it again. I made a full cup of coffee, using two pods this time, and with a nice buzz going realized that I really do love the flavor of the medium roast coffee. It is not watered down and it does not taste burnt. It just tastes wonderful! The foam is a nice touch too. It fueled a nice little addiction after that where I made tons of cups of what I dubbed, “Mummy’s latte”, and have since taken pleasure in it almost daily.

Have I converted from my traditional coffee maker? Is Senseo indeed my sensei? In a word, no. The rest of my family likes the Senseo for a quick cup of coffee, but they love the abundance that the regular coffee maker offers with its 10-12 cup capacity. I do too. However, I frequently take out my Senseo to make a cup for just me, and so do they. The coffee is fresh and it is very convenient and fast. The design is sleek and slightly European looking. It comes in a variety of colors (black, red, blue, etc) that will look great in many kitchens. I think the Senseo system is ideal for someone who only wants or needs one cup of coffee a day and wants it fast! It's also great for entertaining (if someone wants a lone cup of decaf or specialty coffee flavor) and will look good on any kitchen counter top.

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