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January 14, 2008

Biokleen - Eliminating the Bio-hazards in my home since 2007

Biokleen - 1, Dirt – 0

You have probably heard of the Eco-friendly company Biokleen and their slogan, ‘tough on dirt, gentle on the earth.’ If not, then it is about time. This fabulous company was founded in 1989 with the promise to leave the smallest footprint on the planet by using a concentrated amount of product that is effective yet safe. I have tried many, many green products in my day from store brands to high end. They all promise to clean just as well or better than the chemically chocked brands, that stock our store shelves. I have been disappointed on more than one occasion. Not so with Biokleen. They sent me the ‘mother’s helper’ box a few months back and I have become a Biokleen junkie. Here is the rundown.

Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator- When I opened up this bottle the scent of fresh limes immediately tempted my senses. It was fresh and pure, not perfumed and sickly. This was going to get mud, pet stains and more out of my carpets? The organic enzymes would kill the smell of my basement? YES! A thousand times, YES! I will never buy another type of stain remover for my carpets. I have a very light beige carpet and this has removed even old stubborn stains. The scent alone could sell me. I can see why professionals prefer this cleaner. I think I heard angels sing when I opened the bottle. I cannot live without it. All I do is pour it on and let it sit for five minutes. The bile dogs vomit on my carpet? Gone, before I even took a cloth to it. Gone! I stand amazed and in love. Enough said.

Spray and Wipe All-Purpose Cleaner- It is clear just like the Bac-Out, which I like. It has no discernable scent and it keeps my counter tops, tables and appliances streak free and clean. The red juice stains have disappeared from my white counters and I feel safer using this product than any of the regular cleaners I have used in the past. It works just as well and yet I know I am using something with less toxic chemicals. There are no harsh fumes, it is safe for pets and families and it even cleans my toilet! It is a great little helper around the house. It comes in an ultra 3x the strength concentrated formula too.

Hand Moisturizing Dishwash Liquid- Hm... Non-toxic, biodegradable and natural. Plus? It really does the job. Using only a capful of the 32-ounce container will wash a sink full of dishes and it will not dry out your hands. Honest. The scent is clean. It reminds me slightly of the bottles of bubbles I would blow as a kid but I think it is just Biokleen grapefruit seed extract and orange peel working. This dish soap eliminates odor on plastics, rinses easily and can even be used on your pets or as a bubble bath. Those last two I have not tried but I will. Just to see.

There are quite a few laundry products from Biokleen but I only tried these two.

Chlorine Free Oxygen Bleach Plus- I have used the annoying bearded guys oxygen cleaning products a few times as well as some knock-offs and name brands. Each time I have seen mixed results. Add that to the feeling that I was using something slightly less toxic than lye and I was happy to try something new and with less harmful additives. Like all the other Biokleen products, a little goes a long way with the Bleach Plus. I added a dash to a load of light towels that my husband had used to clean a bathroom. Not in the towels original duties and saw an immediate difference. They were actually brighter. Next, I tried it on a batch of reds and pinks. I keep a girly house. Again, I was impressed. The fabrics really did look like they were newer and fresher. I have since used it every few weeks to keep the whites and colors looking their best and am quite pleased with the results.

Citrus Laundry Powder- Concentrated with Chlorine-Free Bleach- Phosphate free and safe for high-efficiency washers this laundry powder is just another amazing product from Biokleen. I love the light grapefruit scent and how soft it is. One box can do about 50-55 loads of laundry just the same as a competitors. It works for top load and front load washers and it only takes about ½ to ¾ a scoop each time to do a full load of laundry. I love it! I have used this version and the enzyme stain lifting variety and each time I have been duly impressed. My clothes come out soft, clean, and brighter. The stains are gone. I am using less cleaner and it does not irritate my sensitive or my child’s. I will continue to use it in my house for many years to come.

While some earth-friendly products seem more expensive when they are sitting on the shelf what goes unnoticed many times is that they are concentrated versions of your regular products. A little really does go a long way. Biokleen is the champion in this department. They do not use any animal ingredients and they do not test on animals either, which is something I look for. I feel like I never have to buy cleaning products of any type since this box entered my house a few months back. The prices are comparable to the non-green versions too. Sometimes better. I am sticking with Biokleen from here on out for my laundry, dish liquid and carpet cleaning battles.

For more information on Biokleen products for your home or professional needs and to see their full cleaning arsenal visit their site here. You can purchase many of their products in stores near you, online here as well as from


Felicia said...

Thanks for the reviews! Its a constant struggle to find nontoxic cleaners.