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December 20, 2007

ying by Nankeen

Nankeen has done it again with their practical but stylish ying tote. The refreshing blue color on this bag depicts the ocean the bag is named for and it will fast become your go to bag. The ying is serious on style and all the while incredibly practical. The sturdy denim-like fabric, a signature in the Nankeen line, softens over time and washings. Its quality stands the test of time and the ying will prove itself one tough bag. It holds a secret too. It is not just a great looking tote. Tucked inside the deep plum lining it holds a separate padded laptop sleeve. The zippered sleeve is 16”w x 12”h x 1”d and holds most standard-sized laptops. My Dell has a 17-inch screen and is a bit on the thick side and I can just squeeze it in this bag. The durable double straps sit comfortably on my shoulders and are at a great length. I can easily retrieve items from the bag and the inner pockets. Everyone will be amazed at what you can fit into this great roomy bag. It has two zippered pockets and a top zipper closure and it is versatile and fun. I love how it is a darker pattern than other Nankeen bags too.

The ying ($145) is 100% Nankeen printed-cotton. It goes through the same age-old process of using the Asian art form to hand print the fabric. Nankeen beautifully combines contemporary looks with classic design will all its bags and the ying is no exception. What I love about Nankeen is that it is always of a high quality and quite unique. No two bags are the same. It is not your typical workbag or travel satchel either. I use it for lugging around kid stuff, weekend gear, my laptop and it brightens up a meeting or workday too. The ying like all the other Nankeen products (now featuring men’s accessories too!) is not only a great piece but a chic one too that your friends and even strangers will stop you on the street to ask you about. You have a truly remarkable item when you buy an Anne W. Page (designer) piece.

Now when you order a ying bag you can also get a chang belt ($30) thrown in free! In addition to that, shipping is free from now until December 31. Just tell them that ‘Mummy’ sent you to get that belt which goes beautifully with every pair of jeans and even khakis! It is 100% cotton and I wear mine all the time. It definitely completes an outfit, livens up your wardrobe and makes an excellent gift for that hard to buy for-have everything friend.