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August 22, 2007

Solar Roast Coffee- 'Sun in Your Cup'

"Our goal is to roast the finest organic coffees using only the power of the sun."
- Michael Hartkop, Roastmaster

Using only solar-thermal roasters and clean and abundant solar energy Solar Roast Coffee is truly an earth-friendly experience. All batches are small and hand mixed, 100% organic, with no fossil fuels burned. I find the whole process pretty amazing. The roaster can heat up to 550 degrees and tracks the sun all day soaking up the highest amount of its rays. Solar panels power all the other electronic components so no fossil fuel is burned there either. That makes me happy!

So how does it taste?

The good sun worshipping people over at Solar Roast sent me two samples- Bolivia and Guatemalan. Both coffees were packaged in handy re-sealable bags and arrived quickly. I tried the Guatemalan ($13.95) first which is classified as a single origin organic since no other type of bean is mixed in. It has an earthy and yet slightly fruity scent to it that was quite pleasant. There is even a hint of chocolate and spice that I noticed on my second cup. I found it to be a very light coffee as well. It’s great for people who like coffee but aren’t obsessed with it and don’t get into the heavy, dark flavors of some of the deeper roasts. It went quickly in our house and was the favored brew by my husband.

Next up, the Bolivia Roast ($12) a rich brew that is grown high in the mountains of South America. There is definitely a smoky quality to it that I rather enjoyed. It was more like an espresso roast to me. It’s dark and yet not bitter and doesn’t muddy up in your cup. I enjoyed the deep scent of it and it was my personal favorite of the two I sampled.

You can buy a bag of Solar Roast coffee pre-ground or as whole beans. Either way it arrives fresh at your door. What’s more you know you are helping the planet by buying a product that has burned not even one bit of fossil fuels. There are fair-trade blends, sample packs, and lots of other tempting roasts to try. It makes a great gift for any coffee lover as well as those of us trying to keep our planet a little greener. Give Solar Roast Coffee a try; you’ll feel that ‘sun in your cup’ every morning.