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August 20, 2007

Baby Stud- Custom Jerseys For Your Kid!

It’s all about customization these days. The desire to have something personalized and made just for you has even filtered down into children’s wear. Baby Stud by Debbie Rott has made her mark in this arena as well with her Custom Baby or Toddler Jersey’s. The jersey’s which come in t-shirt (short and long sleeves) or onesie format are super soft. Each one has the child’s name on the back with a number on the front and back. You choose the number. It can be a birth date, year, or lucky one, you decide!

The shirts, which range in price from $18-32, wear well and are super soft comfortable. They don’t shrink either. You can choose from a variety of colors for the number and names too. We love the adorable white onesie with the red letters and numbers in our house. It sports our daughter’s last name and her birth date on the back making her part of “our team”. I think these are the perfect gift idea for a child who comes from a sports oriented family (especially those who cheer for dividing teams) or for a girl who might not like frills and bows. It’s a unique clothing item and one that you and your child will love. I might even dare to say, it is a keepsake.

Baby Stud also sells baby footwear, accessories and some seriously rockin' diaper bags. These are not your normal pastel duckling affairs. Pack your diapers in one of these leather studded bags and you will be the coolest mom on the tot lot.