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August 31, 2007

Fun Find- Reliadose!

Invented by a Mom and winner of the 2007 JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association) Reliadose, seeks to make the sometimes difficult task of giving your child medicine, easy. This simple to use medicine delivery system consists of a dual-chamber nipple, bottle and syringe. They work together to effectively deliver the proper dosage of medicine all without the unpleasant mediciney taste.

Reliadose is great for anyone who has trouble giving their child medicine. It works with the child’s natural instinct to drink. It is also not difficult to clean. It is compact too so it won’t take up a lot space in a cabinet, bag, or draw. It’s truly a wonderful idea because it really does eliminate a lot of the stress that can occur when your child is sick and doesn’t like to take their medicine. Dealing with a sick child is hard enough, Reliadose just blends right into their daily schedule!

Reliadose is available online at and in some drugstores and supermarkets nationwide and the Reliadose website is incredibly comprehensive.