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May 3, 2007

PBN-Brainy Baby Product Review

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My daughter does not watch television. Believe me on those days where I have a deadline to meet I’ve tried, always in vain, to get her to watch some sort of public television approved show. Nothing doing. She is fourteen months old and has the attention span of a fourteen month old, meaning its all “Ooh block fun! Throw block! Bad block! Ooh dolly, love dolly. Boring dolly.” When the Brainy Baby Company sent me their Baby IQ “The World Around Us” DVD, I didn’t hold out much hope of her watching it.

I popped the thirty-five minute DVD in and immediately the sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra filled the room. A-ha! My daughter loves music and was thus riveted to the screen immediately. Her little compact body bounced to the lively introductory tunes as her mouth hung open in surprise and wonder. I was pretty amazed myself. I have never seen her react this way to anything. Colored ink began to splash into water right before her eyes as she swayed to the music. During the animal segment, she laughed and pointed to the screen making the appropriate animal sounds. She liked the season’s segment too. The counting, shapes, and patterns portion of the DVD though short was where we lost her. She just could not stay focused on the dominoes depicting numbers or the various shapes being shown to her from the TV screen.

I have played the whole DVD for her on numerous occasions after that initial test. Each time she moves to the music, laughs, and talks to the vibrant images and bold objects. She genuinely enjoys the DVD only losing interest in the counting and shapes and pattern pieces. I think that at fourteen months she is just not ready for that portion of the show. She’ll get there I’m sure and in the meantime she’s found something she really enjoys watching, over and over and over again. I myself do not mind watching it with her just because she is so happy while it’s playing.

I think this a wonderful DVD. Baby Einstein has not worked in our house and I would happily and easily recommend it or buy it as a gift. The price of $16.95 is a bit higher than some DVD’s but the quality of the images, the set up, and the music make this an excellent and worthy buy.