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April 23, 2007

Product of the Week!

As the weather turns warmer and we wait for the summer sun to signal to our HOA's it's time to open the pool we also wait for that same summer sun to fry the crap out of our hair. I have found something fantastic! Fantastic and unlikely actually. I am not one to buy hair products at my local drugstore. They typically just form build up on my fine hair, dry it out, or weigh it down. On a whim recently I bought John Freida's Kelp Help from his Beach Blonde line.

This product is amazing! I glop on the green goo that could easily double as algae and let it sit for ten minutes as I continue with my shower and yet somehow my hair is just silky soft and keeps it's body. It doesn't hang limp like most deep conditioner's do. I love it! I love it and I can buy it in a snap at CVS or and Target. I particularly like how the shower begins to smell like the sea as it conditions my hair and that it rinses out well too. I use it once a week really dig the giant tub it comes in. It's kind of fun to just dip my fingers and glop the goop onto my head. I can't help myself. It works great on fine, wavy, chemically-treated or any type of hair I'm told. I found some great reviews for it elsewhere online and you know I would never steer you wrong.

Try and today and tell me if you don't love it!

*HAVE A PRODUCT YOU WANT ME TO TRY? Email me and let's work something out! I'm honest and I love to sample new products daily!