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March 6, 2007

Product of the Week!

Have you heard of Etsy? It is by far one of the best sites out there for buying and selling homemade products. True Artists abound on this page. I love it. I go there for gifts all the time.

The other day I found someone new and I'm so happy to share this designer with you. Harrilu. Listed also under Muttsy Wonder Shop or her own website you will find beautiful silk screened items. From baby clothes to women, men, and yes, even dogs they have some great pieces of clothing. There are even accessories galore and housewares! Some designs are funky and contemporary while others are stylishly classic. All are natural looking and just simply restful to look at. You can tell this artist loves what they do. I am having a hard time not going into overload and buying too much. So enjoy browsing, support the arts and head on over to Harrilu's blog!