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November 8, 2011

Sweet Leaf Tea

Fun Find- I love iced tea. I make it all year round and I make everything from Strawberry Kiwi, Caramel Cake, sweet tea and everything in between. As long as it tastes good and isn't loaded with artificial flavors and chemicals I will try it.  The people over at Sweet Leaf Iced Teas sent me a four pack of teas to try (Mint Honey, Mango, Classic and Peach) and they were an instant hit.

Based out of Austin, Texas Sweet Leaf Iced Teas was created in 1997 when one of the two founders, Clayton decided he wanted a good tasting bottled tea that was just like his Grandmother Mimi's iced tea.  Experiments, brewing processes and a move to Texas had Dave and Clayton building the company that is now Sweet Leaf Iced Teas.  Made from pure cane sugar and premium tea leaves the tea tastes terrific and is available in many flavors, including green tea formulas and even half tea, half lemonade.  Fantastic!  I would gladly drink each, especially the Mint Honey, again.

Sweet Leaf Teas are available in natural and regular grocery stores nationwide.