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November 14, 2011

Activate Energy Drinks

I'm not one for energy drinks.  If I'm thirsty I go for water. Why bother with the extra calories from a sports drink?  Activate Energy Drinks ($1.99 per bottle) are a new innovative innovative, enhanced vitamin beverage that works great for people with active lifestyles. Activate drinks have a proprietary cap design that stores vitamins separately from the water, which enables the vitamins to stay fresh and potent. All you do is twist the cap and the vitamins release directly into your drink.  It provides a fresh dose of vitamins right when you need it.

I tried a few of the drinks and found, after my second drink, that the cap is a great thing.  I love how there is no messy powder that can spill over the top of the bottle.  It's great for in the car or at the gym and travels well.  While I often don't love the artificial taste that many sweetened energy drinks offer the Activate ones are sweetened with Stevia and taste great. I especially loved the Blueberry Pomegranate Antioxidant drink.  With zero calories my first sip was a total surprise that had me saying out loud, "Wow. That is quite lovely."  I also enjoyed the Multivitamin Fruit Punch and the Lulo Pear flavor that has 200% of your daily dose of Vitamin C.  They all tasted great and not too sweet. They were refreshing too. 

You can purchase Activate Energy Drinks in Immunity, Workout, Antioxidant, and many other formulas online at the company store ($9.20 for a 4 pack, $29.50 for a 12 pack) or at stores nationwide.

Check out Activate on Facebook and Twitter (@activatedrinks) for more updates and coupons!

MPR Rating: Three Stars.

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Ashley A said...

Sounds interesting. I might have to try them.