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September 9, 2011

Nuance by Salma Hayek review- love it and hate it.

While at Blogher I went to a beauty blogger luncheon sponsored by CVS. The main attraction at this event was Salma Hayek's new line of skincare and beauty products called Nuance. Inspired by the lifelong beauty rituals that her grandmother instilled in her Salma has created not just a handful of products but large lines with Nuance. After testing out my full-size samples for the last month the verdict on Nuance is in.

I received a plethora of product. Products prices range from $7.99- $19.99. I love that a paraben, not-tested on animals, exotic ingredient line is so readily available at your local CVS/Pharmacy store.

The Rosebud Hydrating Balm ($7.49) is a nice light pink that goes on thick. It is designed for dry spots like your lips, elbows and even cuticles. I love the idea but my idea was hard to come to fruition since it took me multiple tries to even open the jar. It is too short on the bottom to grip and once I managed to pop the top the lid wouldn't lock into place again. I didn't love that. Though I did love the results of the balm. If the jar is fixed, I would look into using the product again.

Beautiful Blends Lip Quad ($12.50) is really cool to look at as far as design goes. The sleek black plastic case unfurls to reveal four lipsticks in various complimentary shades and one lip brush sitting in the middle. I love the design. It won't fit in a purse but it looks real pretty on my bathroom counter. The lipsticks work well on everyone and they glide on easily. They don't have a great lasting power but the red, nude, gold glossy nude and pinky tone work so well, I didn't care. I love the shine, suppleness and design. It's a fun buy!

Flawless Mineral Cheek Trio ($12.99) looks great but it got really banged up on my return flight home from the conference. I couldn't use it sadly. I hear it is like "spun silk" and not cheap looking, which sounds fantastic.

Quinoa Smooth & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner looks pretty and sleek in its packaging. I love the deep purple bottles and how they look in my shower. Salma did well in how her products come across. They don't look like many drugstore brands. I like the idea of the quinoa-infused product too. The scent is light, slightly floral and doesn't stick around, which is another bonus. It rinses well and my hair just looks average. No change but it didn't destroy it either.

My favorite product of the lot is the Jojoba Dual Phase Body Oil which contains coconut oil, passion fruit extract and jojoba. You shake the bottle and spray. It absorbs quickly into your skin and you are moisturized for the day. It's simple, doesn't leak, isn't greasy and works fast. It is a great find! I love this stuff!

Overall the Nuance line has some good products that are worth the money. Some may work better for you than they did for me. I wanted more from the line and Salma. I would like to try the Eye Quad with shadows and the mascara at some point. I hear they perform well. Visit CVS/Pharmacy stores to try the Nuance products and if you don't like them, you can always return them.

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MPR Rating: Three Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review and test purposes only. Opinions are MPR's only.

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