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August 26, 2011

Organic Glam Nail Polish

Fun Find- British beauty company Organic Glam has a good find in their Organic Glam nail polish ($15 US). One of the things I like best about Organic Glam's nail polish line is that unlike so many other organic or natural nail lacquers this company creates colors that shine, sparkle and are on-trend. It isn't just roses and flowery pastels for Organic Glam. No, there is Silver, Midnight, Deep Grey, Gold and Lemon as well as Deep Ruby and Pinks. I loved my Peach polish. I had to put two thick coats on to make it really pop but that is typical for natural nail lacquer. I have yet to find one that is rich and not watery. Organic Glam is no different except that it lasts and looks great once applied more than once.

Organic Glam nail polish and other beauty items can be purchased on the Organic Pharmacy.