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August 9, 2011

Kraft Veggie Pasta Macaroni & Cheese Review

That blue box. You know the one I am talking about. It sits in your pantry, a frequent staple, and it competes masterfully with the organic purple mac 'n' cheese box that sports a white bunny. At least in my house this happens. Kraft has unveiled a new version of its classic mac'n'cheese, but this time made from vegetable pasta so that kids get an extra helping of them each day. I often puree vegetables in their food and they aren't the wiser so why not make vegetable pasta? It looks just like the regular kind. They won't know it is different, right?

Does it taste like the original version of Kraft macaroni n' cheese? Honestly, I could not tell the difference. I sampled some and gave the rest to my two oldest kids. The middle one scarfed it up and asked for seconds. She liked it just fine. The oldest, my critic, took a bite. Then a second bite. She chewed. She gave me the stink eye and said, "This doesn't taste the same." Sigh. I took another sample taste and could barely taste the difference, if there even is one. It is so minimal and not in a bad way. I couldn't believe it. She's good.

The rundown on Kraft Veggie Pasta Macaroni 'n' Cheese ($1.49, 5.5 oz box) is this- it is cauliflower powder that makes it veggie. One serving equals a half-cup serving of vegetables. While I do sneak vegetables into my kids food from time to time (to enhance flavor and give them an extra dose of vegetables) I don't like the idea that this could be seen as a substitution. However, I hope we are all smarter than that and add a serving of vegetables with this dish anyway. In addition, I wish there was a healthier grain version of the pasta. Maybe Kraft could include the veggies, ditch the yellow dye and make it whole grain? That would really be something to talk about.

MPR Rating: Two Stars.

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