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August 2, 2011

It's All About the Portions, Baby!

I have a beautiful eleven month-old daughter. She's sweet and cuddly and has a brand new row of chompers. You know what I don't think is quite so beautiful? The baby weight I'm carrying around. Bother. It is hard finding time to work out and shed those pounds and that just doesn't always take the weight off. Half the battle is watching what you eat and that also means portion control. That's where Marie Callender's frozen meals has been helping me out.

Under 500 calories each these meals are full of variety, vegetables and taste. I pop one in the microwave and in no time I have a total meal just for me. It's not all stir-frys either. The Smoky Cheddar Mac & Uncured Bacon is a crazy 380 calories but doesn't taste anywhere near that! While I wish the bacon crisped up better it is still a nice, creamy, cheesy treat that won't blow my daily caloric intake. The portion doesn't feel too small either. I was sufficiently full afterwards. Now portion control doesn't consist of a broccoli floret and two squished french fries with a side of a salvaged from my kids plate turkey sandwich. Thanks Marie Callender's!

Marie Callender's offers frozen meals in a Fresh Flavor Steamers and Complete Meal lines all 'Under 500' calories. It's great for busy people who want to watch what they eat but are also short on time or ideas. They are available at your grocer's freezer nationwide.

MPR Rating: Three Stars (based on Cheddar Mac entree)

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Marie Callender's and MPR was paid for this post. Opinions are MPR's only.