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August 19, 2011

CalNaturale Svelte Drink Review

Busy, active people need sustenance. It is that simple. Busy, active women like me want things simple, ready to go and fast. I tried the four flavors of CalNaturale's sustained energy/protein drink recently and fell in love.

Flavors like French Vanilla, Spiced Chai, Cappuccino and Chocolate are natural picks for many of us. The substantial size of the boxy cartons will surprise you. You can drink it cold or at room temperature. I found that I would drink half right out of the pantry and then store the remaining half carton in the refrigerator for later use. Cold or room temperature the flavor is the same, which I found on point for what each was supposed to taste like. There was no artificial sweetness to the Svelte drinks and the only thing I noticed was a slightly floral end note in each beverage. Each one tastes rich and creamy and indulgent, which is a nice departure from many of the grainy, downright gritty or watery protein drinks you can buy. The flavors are created using natural, organic ingredients like organic soy milk, organic cocoa and rice syrup. Loaded with about 16 grams of protein per drink and complex carbohydrates for added energy, Svelte drinks are a yummy drink selection for those of us watching our waist lines or needing a boost.

I felt full after each drink and it was a nice meal replacement or way to eat a big salad at lunch and get my protein from Svelte and not meat or even beans and/or nuts. I liked the departure. I would definitely drink it again and again! I highly recommend it. It tastes like a treat but doesn't treat your body like a playground.

The only drawback to Svelte is that it has been hard to find. No stores in my state sell it right now. It is available on Amazon in packs ($35.99 for 12) and online at the Svelte website.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for review purposes only. Opinions are MPR's only.