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July 8, 2011

Dominex - Eggplant in a Whole New Way

We are not big on the eggplant in our house. However, I am always looking for ways to introduce vegetables into our diet. If I can get the kids and my husband and I hooked on a product that contains vegetables in it, then I am happy. Dominex has been serving up eggplant in a variety of ways for over 25 years. Low in fat, with zero trans fat and no cholesterol it was something new for my family to test.

Dominex combines fresh eggplant with natural ingredients to create vegetarian products such as Eggplant Cutlets, Vegan Burgers, Vegetarian Parm Bites, Veggie Fries and Vegetarian Meatballs. It is all just heat and serve too. We tried the cutlets, meatballs, and Parm Bites.

I loved the cutlets. I found that sauteing them kept their crispness and they were a great lunch for me with tomatoes and other fresh vegetables served with them. I really enjoyed them. My kids love the meatballs, which really surprised me. To me they have a spicy Italian herb flavor that I did not think they would like but from the ten month old to the five year old they gobbled them up. I didn't even have to put them with pasta or sauce. Just heat and serve and they popped them in their mouths and ooh and aah ed. I was amazed. I found that I could crumble them up well and put them in other dishes like baked pasta. The Parm Bites are best heated in the oven. In the microwave they lost their crunchy outer shell and became soggy. The zesty tomato sauce inside was good and they made a nice little side or hot snack.

You can find Dominex Eggplant products in many stores. I found some at Wegman's, Harris Teeter, Giant and Winn-Dixie.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this post. Products received are for test purposes only. Opinions are MPR's only.