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June 10, 2011

Teas' Tea

Fun Find- All natural. No added colors or flavors. Sweetened with all natural sugar cane. Non-leaching, recyclable PETE 1/BPA free bottles. It is all music to my ears. It is also how Teas' Tea works. Available in lightly sweetened varieties (Mango Oolong Tea, Blueberry Green Tea and Lemon Black Tea) or Classic style (Crispy Apple BlackTea, Country Black Tea) Teas' Tea is wonderful. With a 1/3 of the caffeine found in coffee and full of antioxidants it is a great thirst quencher. Low in calories while tasting totally delicious it is guilt-free too.

I love Teas' Tea, the Lemon Black Tea is my favorite. It is a nice change of pace from my usual water and doesn't have the sugar that soda contains. Perfect for summer or anytime.

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