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June 24, 2011

Recess Monkey's Flying!

I am so not a fan of kids music. I don't like listening to it in the car ever. Three school teachers from Seattle have changed all that. Recess Monkey's latest CD 'Flying' is fun, jump, dance around music with lyrics that rock! From song one, Flying, I found myself dancing along and learning the words in minutes. When I picked up my oldest daughter from school that day, Recess Monkey was playing in the car again. We've played it a lot since that first day too.

Full of energy with sounds that sometime remind me of a sneaky mix of Jack White and Better than Ezra this trio of rockin' teachers just works. My kids do too. We rock out to songs about kids covered in bandaids, toolboxes and grandma's house like it is nobodies business and you know what? It's cool.

In fact, I'm taking them to see Recess Monkey next month. Yes, indeed this mom of three is going to her first kids concert and I can't wait.

Like Recess Monkey on Facebook! View the 'Sidekick' video here. So cute!

MPR Rating: Five Stars.

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