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June 13, 2011

Daddy Dates

There are three little girls in our house. There is but one Dad. Daddy as he is called most days sometimes looks at me completely flummoxed as to what these three little ones need and want from him. Daddy Dates ($16.99) by Greg Wright is a short, sweet and simple book that doesn't offer advice to men but definitely tips and insight on his journey to getting to know his girls.

Daddy Dates is such a gem. I love picking it up and pulling out small tidbits of information to give to my husband. In turn, he is able to read this book quickly and find real ways to connect and work with our girls. It's a fun read that offers so much to fathers about the sometimes easy and sometimes puzzling ways their daughters behave. I found the piece about dating to be so true to the advice my father gave me about boys back in the day. Advice that served me well and proved to be quite true.

It's an easy thing to say that any father with a daughter should read this book. But, the truth is, that any many should read this book to remind themselves how important and different the women in our lives are and how we should treat them. It made me laugh, think and further appreciate how awesome it is to be a dad. --C.C. Chapman , Co-Author of CONTENT RULES and Founder of

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

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