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April 22, 2011

Fun Find-Muttles

The package was very small.  How could their be any sort of fun toy in here I remember thinking.  Oh wait. I am not a five year old girl.  I don't love all things teeny tiny.  That's the thing about Muttles.  They are incredibly small little dogs based on hybreeds. Think Yorkies crossed with Schnauzers and you get a Snorkie.  In fact, that is what was in our package.  A tiny black Snorkie she named Cuddly.  

Muttles ($3.99) are "cute collectibles combined with a family friendly website that lets fans do a little “Social Petworking.” Each one is only 3" and comes withwith a set of papers, an adoption certificate, trading cards and temporary Muttle tattoos.  It is a little girls dream.  The ability to collect and "adopt" these cute little animals charms them fast.  My daughter has taken to toting hers around in a small bag and making sure to feed, love, and play with her Snorkie Muttle daily.

Muttles are available at Target, Five Below and online at Enterplay.  They make great gifts, stocking stuffers, Easter basket additions and more.