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January 20, 2011

Fun Find- Quik Shower

Got a stinky teen?  Maybe it is you that isn't smelling too fresh.  Quik Shower is a portable single-use disposable washcloth that will get you clean and eliminate dirt and odors.  It's great for after gym class, sports or other physical activities. 

I know some people are shower-phobic at the gym or the office locker room.  Perhaps even at school after gym class. Quik Shower just might be the solution to your odor-ridding, say goodbye to sweat needs.  Their effective, green (no emissions like body sprays), compact and versatile (use them at the beach!).  Sized at 10"x12" they are also a good size with a nice fresh scent.  Buy one for a dollar or 100 for $49.  There are various sized packages available. 

Visit the Quik Shower website for more information and to buy some today.

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