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December 28, 2010

The Top Ten

It seems fitting to wrap up the year 2010 with my top ten favorite things.  These are products I have either reviewed or found on my own and I simply love them. To put it simply, they work.  They are exceptional.  I want to pass on the information. In no particular order....

La Mer's Tinted Moisturizer with SPF18 ($65) It's a bit on the pricey side but a little goes a long way and the 'Light' shade works perfectly for me.  When I apply this moisturizer not only do I glow all day long without added shine but I look great in person and in photos.  It lasts all day and reflects light beautifully.  I adore this product!

Cover Girl's LashBlast Luxe mascara ($7) Originally given to me as a product review I used it until the container was dry.  I immediately went out and bought a new tube and have never looked back.  I find it works better than most for my contact lenses and I get compliments on my lashes all the time now.  Amazing stuff. 

Kate Somerville's Exfolikate ($85) Wow.  I received a sample of this fruit enzyme-based exfoliate two years ago and now I'm a convert.  Simply apply it to a wet, clean face and let it work its magic while you shower. 

Babypop Designs capes for kids ($16) I reviewed one when I first got started and they were so cool and such a hit that every time someone saw my kid in one they wanted to know where I got it.  Now, I give them as gifts and kids and adults think they are the cutest thing. 

Umi Shoes for Kids ($50) I review new styles each season and I have never been disappointed.  They can run a bit narrow but if that is your kids foot size then these are a great find.  They last for longer than any other kid shoe I've reviewed or purchased.  The styles are fresh and the company is eco-conscious. 

Sylvania PalPodzz Portable Nightlights ($20) When I was part of PBN I reviewed the ladybug portable nightlight. It works like a flashlight and each kid has loved it.  They take them everywhere and use them to read with at night when it is lights out. 

Ergo Baby Carrier ($105)  I have three kids.  For two of them I have used the Original Ergo Baby Carrier.  I was lucky enough to receive it as a review and before and after no other baby carrier or sling has come close. I love how supportive and comfortable it is for my whole body. It makes baby wearing incredibly easy and safe. 

BioKleen ($10) Smells great, works like a champ and there is a cleaner for almost any need. My favorite BioKleen products are the laundry powder, Bac Out odor and stain remover (it eats the stain!) and the fabric refresher.  A green company and product BioKleen is worth every penny.  Nothing cleans my laundry or carpet any better than this stuff.  It smells amazing too.  Their motto, "Tough on Dirt, Gentle on the Earth." makes them a five star product and company. 

Nature's Gate Glow Lotion ($12) Every spring I get a slew of self-tanners to review.  This was the stand-out from 2010 and I will keep it around and stock my bathroom with it for 2011.  It moisturizes your skin and the color is never streaky or false.  Just a nice, even glow.

BWC Eye Makeup Remover ($6)  I bought this remover when I first ventured into the 'green', cruelty-free product arena.  It's gentle, safe for contacts, doesn't irritate in any way.  You would swear it was water except that it removes even the toughest eye make-up including waterproof mascaras.  Hands down a constant in my bathroom. 

Cheers!  Happy 2011 Everyone! Thanks for reading and making this a great year!

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