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December 14, 2010

Fun Find- The Koobli

I have three kids and one craft cabinet.  Messes can occur at any given time.  The Koobli ($25) saves me

What the heck is a Koobli

"koobli™ is a unisex cover-up garment designed to protect your clothing from life’s unpredictable spills and messes. Made from soft, supple, strong 100% micro polyester suede, koobli™ is lightweight and easy to slip on and pull off — use it to cover work outfits, suits, uniforms, gowns, etc. Tough enough for multiple wearings yet disposable when necessary, koobli™'s simple, sensible and functional design makes it a must-have for busy parents and caregivers."

Start the New Year off right. Save some clothes and invest in one of these fantastic garments.  Available in blueberry and cherry colors.  Buy one here.