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December 17, 2010

Discovery Toys- Board Games

If you are a parent you have probably been invited to a Discovery Toys party.  I know I have been to quite a few parties.  Each time I have purchased a toy and been quite satisfied. In fact, the toys I bought with my first child are still in nearly perfect condition and working order after five years and two kids.  They are ready for the third child to have her go at them.  However, these were all baby toys. I hadn't ventured into the older kid category until Discovery Toys sent me two board games.  I'm still impressed.

Sounds Like Phonics -Letter Fun Lotto ($17.50) is perfect for the 3 and up set.  A little pricier than your average kids board game it contains a full educational but fun punch.  The game helps the new to school set explore their thinking, reading and language skills by finding hidden letters within the illustrations of boards and cards.  It's matching, alphabet skills and spelling all in one game.  It includes four lotto boards, 36 cards and 50 plastic markers.  My kids love this game and it makes a great gift too.

Friendship Island ($25.00) is great for ages five and above.  It encourages communication in children, which I think is a true find.  This unique game is set up to teach social skills and emotional awareness while kids explore the issues behind making friends.  It seems so simple in concept but it works well.  It's a good game that the whole family can play too.  There is an easy and a more challenging level and a parent guide for encouraging dialogue with your kids. 

Discovery Toys covers all ages of a child's growth and development. Their toys last a long time and can be passed from child to child.  You can purchase them from a consultant or online

MPR Rating:  Four Stars.   

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  Products received are for review and testing purposes only.  Opinions are MPR's only.