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November 19, 2010

Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese

If you have kids then you are probably familiar with 'the blue box' and macaroni and cheese.  We've eaten them all from organic to that very recognizable blue box.  Kraft sent me three bags (12.6 oz) of their new 'homestyle' macaroni and cheese in the following flavors- Classic Cheddar, Old World Italian and Hearty Four Cheese. 

Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese ($4.95) is supposed to be easy to make, convenient for your family and yet taste just like homemade.  I make homemade macaroni and cheese every once in a while and I have used many different recipes. None of them taste like any of the three Kraft flavors.  My kids who love this macaroni dish don't like homemade and they didn't like Kraft Homestyle either.  As my four year-old put it, "I don't like this crunchy stuff and it tastes weird."  Each flavor got the same response and I have to say I agree.  While I don't mind the extra steps it takes to make the homestyle version I was really put off by the squeezable bright orange cheese and the flavor which just wasn't there.  It was quite disappointing.  The Hearty Four Cheese tasted like barely one cheese.  The Classic Cheddar?  Tastes better in the old box version and the Old World Italian was the same as the Hearty Four Cheese.  For the extra price I would rather take even more time to make it 'homestyle' myself.  While the macaroni is ridged to hold the cheese better the flavor just wasn't there.  Sorry Kraft, but this was just not a hit at our house with anyone. 

MPR Rating: Two Stars.

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  Products received are for testing and review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR's own. 

Image from the Krazy Coupon Lady.