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November 4, 2010

Fun Find- The Body Rocks CD

Get ready to get your kids moving, grooving and learning. The Body Rocks CD features musical greats like Liz Phair, Minnie Driver, Pete Yorn and Guster. Unlike other CDs ($9.99) for kids The Body Rocks clearly teaches kids about the workings of their body without being cutesy or talking down to them. The music is fun, refreshing and talented too. Songs like ‘The Heart Beats Lub Dub’ and ‘Food Gives Energy to Me and You’ grab your child’s attention while educating them. You won’t be sick of listening to The Body Rocks tunes either.

The Body Rocks is a great find. Kids get their body curiosity questions answered and fun songs to sing along with while listening to contemporary music that doesn’t jar your adult ears.

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