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October 15, 2010

My Name Is Not Isabella Book Review

My Name is Not Isabella ($16.99) by Jennifer Fosberry is a wonderful read.  I was so pleased to be asked to review this book and it did not let me or my two daughters down.  Throughout the book the little girl, Isabella does what all small children do, she changes her mind about who she is and continues her game of make believe throughout the entire book.  She is not just Isabella but Marie! The famous scientist! Or Rosa, the most amazing activist! 

On and on the book continues to illustrate to girls that games and pretend play can go beyond princesses and fairies.  No offense to those books but they are a dime a dozen and a book like, My Name is Not Isabella is quite a find. It is a fun read for both me and my kids.  My husband likes reading to it to them as well as it goes beyond the pink, cute character books the girls so often want to pick for story time.  I also loved how at the end of the book each character depicted has a biography of the real astronaut, doctor, activist and more.  A sense of history, originality and fun run through the whole book making it a real enjoyable read.

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MPR Rating: Five Stars.

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